Acceptable Use Policy

1.  Introduction

This User Agreement ("Agreement") is an agreement made between Worldwideintranets.com (Worldwide Intranets) and other parities involved including but not restricted to customers, guests and other various users.  Worldwideintranets.com reserves the right to refuse service to anyone without the need to provide reasonable grounds.

By joining or connect with Worldwide Intranets, you agree that Worldwide Intranets reserves the right to change this Acceptable Use Policy at any time.  As a company we have a responsibility to provide and protect the services offered to our customers to ensure a fast, efficient and a reliable service.  By connecting with Worldwide Intranets you agree to the following obligations.

2.  Amendment of Agreement

Worldwide Intranets may amend or change this agreement at any time without notice which will automatically replace all other agreements made at any time prior to the change.

3.  Content, Prohibited Use and Activities

Services provided by Worldwide Intranets are only applicable for legal purposes only.  Storage, transfer or presentation of any information, data or material of volatile nature is strictly prohibited. 

This includes but not limited to:

Worldwide Intranets reserves the right to identify and remove any illegal content without notice.  As the user you agree to to these terms stated about and agree to hold harmless, lawful material only within your hosting account.

4.  Intranets & User Administration

By connecting to our Worldwide Intranets demonstration site you agree to the following conditions of use:

The following items are prohibited:

The following items are allowed:

5.  Storage or Bandwidth

Worldwide Intranets is very generous and understanding of users needs, if we find your Intranet is consuming a large amount of space or is using a % more of our server's processing power compared to other sites we shall issue you with an email notifying you of this matter so that you are able to clean out your Intranet of older posts, documents and messages you no longer require or with an option to upgrade your intranet storage levels.

Alternatively we shall charge more according to how much more space/bandwidth is required.  We reserve the right to suspend any Intranet storing extremely large or illegal files that may become a burden on our servers, bandwidth or for legal reasons without notice.

6.  Backup of Data

We take no responsibly for each users website.  We perform our own backups here, and will provide a means for users to backup their own Intranets in time.  We cannot be held responsible nor are liable for any data deleted by any Intranet User you have given access to your companies Intranet.

7.  Suspension

Activities resulting in the suspension of your account will result in all fee's paid becoming non-refundable.  Complaints or misuse of our service are grounds for immediate suspension.  If your Intranet has been suspended from a non-payment issue it will not become reactive until the amount it is paid in full.

8.  Cancellation or Account Termination

You can cancel your account/site at any time via emailing our sales@worldwideintranets.com .  Each account billing period is a contact which you agree to, you must give us 3-7 days notice prior to the next billing period to cancel your account/site, amounts paid after that date are non-refundable if you still seek to cancel. 

Upon canceling your service, you are given 7 days in which you can retrieve or move your data/files and then your account will be terminated.

9.  Privacy

We reserve the right to temporarily suspend your hosting/site to look into any reports of misconduct or misuse.  Worldwide Intranets cannot monitor or control your account in any way, you are responsible for your passwords and your accounts.  We take no reasonability for lost passwords, stolen or hacked passwords.

We can reset a password on request.  See our 'Contact Form' on our website.

If your account has a complaint made against it, has been detected of misuse or to contain various illegal materials.  We will give you 48 hours notice to remove that material, if after 48 hours we find the material is still there, we reserve the right to suspend, access or remove your account without further notice.

10.  Payments

All payments are final once they have been paid.  Billing will continue until you cancel the service, if you have prepaid for a year in advance and wish to cancel within 7 days, we will refund no more and no less then 75% of the amount.  This only applies to yearly payments.

Payments are accepted in AU Dollars, however if you wish to use another currency simply contact us and we'll arrange it.

11.  Disclosure of Customer Information and Legal Process

Although Worldwide Intranets will strictly maintain Customer confidentiality there are certain exceptions where Worldwide Intranets may disclose any information in it's possession, including without limitation, internet transmissions, names, addresses or phone numbers in order to comply with a court order.  Worldwide Intranets has no obligation to notify any user for whom the information is sought, as a customer you acknowledge the above information and accept it without reservation.

12.  Indemnification Policy

You agree to all terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.  By using Worldwide Intranets services you agree to use it at your own risk.  In no even shall Worldwide Intranets we liable for loss, loss of data or other damage.  As a customer you agree that you shall not make demands, cause losses, liabilities or claims against Worldwide Intranets. 

13.  Updates & Maintence

From time to time, we perform standard maintence on our server/s and or update our websites & intranets.  By using, logging onto or making payment for a service you understand and agree' to the downtimes these situations shall incur from time to time.